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Sponsorships mean the world for our outreach and education efforts. We work hard to offer as many open source and free resources for STEM education as possible using the funds that we have.

Your support can target a specific campaign, or you can choose to donate to our General fund. Either way, every cent counts towards making a bigger impact with the students we serve.

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STEM Videos


We produce high quality, open-source applied STEM education videos available to schools, organizations and students through both YouTube and in hard-copy via DVD. These videos are hosted by women and minority educators, and move STEM out of the textbook and into reality in an accessible and engaging way.



Educational resources - especially in STEM fields - can be exorbidantly expensive. We want to make it easier for teachers to access and implement comprehensive curriculum plans for their classrooms by making STEM education a free and open-source endeavor for everyone.


Open-Source Lessons

If seeing is believing, imagine what doing is capable of. Our DreamMakeDo campaign offers schools the chance to bring our trained STEM educators into their classrooms and schools. Our volunteers bring equipment, materials, and coursework that integrates with the schools curriculum - free for public schools.


Getting a “makerspace” or “innovation center” started can be difficult for schools with limited resources. We loan out free collections of tools and equipment to schools so they can start to integratae making into their curriculum, without the startup costs.