Here’s a bunch of amazing women teaching STEM on YouTube that you should be watching!

I’ve found a bunch of “Top 5 Female SciCommers On Youtube” lists, but no one seems to have compiled everything into one giant clickable list. Consider this a constantly evolving page, and if you see someone missing please let us know on our contact page.

Shameless self promotion: Beauty and the Bolt

(this is what happens when we get to make these lists…)

Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, Beauty and the Bolt is a 501c3 Educational Nonprofit that makes STEM content accessible and engaging for female and minority students by promoting and featuring educators, creators, and scientists that look like them.  Through engaging videos, open-source kits, and custom curriculum Beauty and the Bolt helps students from any background learn without the social pressures and expense of traditional education.

We have a small but growing collection of Lesson Plans to get paired with our videos, and are always looking for teachers willing to help us increase that number. Please poke around the rest of our website and YouTube channel to get to know us!

Okay okay, enough about us. Let’s get into it!

Physics & Math

Making & Engineering

Biology & Chemistry

Computer Science/Engineering

Earth & Space Sciences

Art, Architecture, & Design

All the Things

Xyla Foxlin