Join Beauty and the Bolt

Beauty and the Bolt is a small but growing nonprofit that is always looking for new volunteers, as well as new staff to fill critical positions within our organization. We are currently looking to fill the positions listed on the right side of this page. However, if you would like to contribute in a way that isn’t listed, feel free to contact us to talk about potential involvements.

What We Look For
Experience as an educator
Passion for youth development
Creativity and artistic interests
Driven and motivated to help kids


Volunteer Position - Instructor Outreach

We are seeking a volunteer outreach specialist with a passion for helping to connect teachers with STEM educational resources. Candidates will be responsible for finding local and regional schools throughout the northeast that are looking to expand their STEM offerings.


Experience with marketing and communications work

Research and database experience

Familiarity with the education field

Strong writing skills and work ethic

Volunteer Position - In-School Education

We are looking for an individual with STEM education experience in the classroom environment to assist in developing compliant curriculum for K-12 public schools. Candidates will be responsible for independent development of comprehensive experiential education coursework.


Knowledge of STEM and STEAM subject areas

Familiarity with Common Core and similar standards

Educator background

Passion for experiential education