Corporate Partnerships

Our mission is to provide accessible, affordable STEM education to as many students as possible through our free online resources, affordable services for schools and organizations, and in-person events that bridge the gap between traditional education and making dreams a reality. Doing that takes resources - a lot of them. To meet this need, we are always on the hunt for corporations that can offer free or discounted equipment to our partner schools, or to our tool leasing programs, so that more students have access to “making”.

We are also always looking for interesting ways of teaching STEM to children and young adults that break the didactic mold. Whether that’s a new product, a new service, or tools that make “making” easier for kids, we’re interested! We often feature items we like in our YouTube videos, and create custom curriculum for new or upcoming products to make adoption by schools and organizations easier.

We detail some of the ways your company can get involved below. If you’re interested in getting more information, please fill out the corporate partnerships form at the bottom of the page.


Tool and Material Sponsorships

Core to our mission is providing tools and materials to schools and organizations working on integrating hands on STEM education with their existing curriculum. However, many groups lack the startup funding to buy even a single 3D printer, let alone build a makerspace. With this need in mind, we’ve created a short-to-mid term tool leasing program called Makercrates. For a low weekly or monthly fee, we ship out a crate full of everything a group will need to get started with a specific area of making. Whether that’s soldering iron kits with multimeters, helping hands, and more; “basics” kits with hand tools, hot glue, and other essentials; or even 3D printers with filament, removal tools, and more, we intend to make running a STEM/Maker module in a classroom as affordable as possible.


Video Sponsorship

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