About ‘Robinhood’ Pricing

We aim to support as many students as possible with our content and services, while also keeping our lights on. We work with a variety of different groups - from entire private schools and charter districts with significant funding, all the way down to individual public school teachers using their own money to enhance their student’s learning. We strongly believe that there is inequity in the allocation of funding between different educational systems, types of schools, and communities around the country and world. In order to help remedy this problem, we have instituted what we call our “Robinhood” pricing system.

An indelicate name for a necessary program

As the name suggests, our pricing system is adaptive to the financial resources of a group. We intentionally charge larger organizations with more resources higher rates to help subsidize our free and open source offerings that are available online, and to offer discounts to smaller groups with little to no funding available. In this way, we can help share the “educational wealth” with all the communities we serve while still giving our paying partners a fantastic deal.

To be clear, our prices are among the lowest in the custom education content industry, while often allowing for redistribution or even modification of source files. Our pricing is fair. We just ask that organizations with more resources pick up a bit more of the load so everyone has the resources they need.

Simple ordering process

When you place an order for any of the services, you will be given the option to complete a secure, private questionnaire about your organization’s financial resources. If you choose to complete the questionnaire, your order will be reviewed and considered for discounted or free services. This is to help independent teachers, public schools, and other small organizations access the resources they need at a price point that works for them. If you do not complete the optional questionnaire, rest assured that we are always working to provide our services at the absolute lowest price that is sustainable for our organization.